Userbooster Light v6.1

SHA-2 Hash Functions For userPassword

More secure SHA-2 cryptographic hash functions (SHA-256SHA-384SHA-512) for setting the password in userPassword.

 SHA-512 Hash function

Favorites Pane

You can now save links to most often-used LDAP entries so that you can later reach any of them in one step.

Favorite links

Visualization of jpegPhoto as an Image

Attribute jpegPhoto is visualized as an image (Data/Report View and Details pane).

jpegPhoto image

Visualization of Audio as a Link

Attribute audio attribute is visualized as a link (the Data/Report View and Details pane), which you can click to play.

audio link

Drag-and-Drop of Attributes for Customizing the View

You can now drag an attribute from the property grid and drop it in the Data/Report View, which allows to customize the View faster and more convenient.

Drag-and-drop of an attribute

Locate Entry in the Directory Tree

Show in Directory Tree in the context menu over an item in the Data View, with which you can locate the entry in the tree.

Show an attribute in the Directory Tree