Userbooster® is a software product for the new creation and administration of user accounts and objects.

The application was designed to work with any LDAP v2 or v3 compatible LDAP server (including Active Directory), and also to be able to integrate with any LDAP Virtualization tool and LDAP Proxy products.

Userbooster® offers an outstanding GUI interface to access LDAP servers and to perform common administration tasks, such as adding, removing and modifying entries stored within a directory environment. It provides support for typical LDAP searches, and includes a rich filter feature to rapidly access particular entries within a large directory tree.

The application also offers views of the LDAP server’s schema and the RootDSE information which is returned by the server for a RootDSE query. Filter can be saved for future use, making it possible to save a configuration that you can use at any time to quickly repeat particular operations without having to continually enter the same information. Searches are presented in two different views at the same time, allowing you to quickly switch between different presentations of data within the directory to visualize the data in the most convenient way. The application also offers a wide range of export/import capability into the common file formats like CSV, XML, XLS, LDIF, etc., so that it can be used to backup or easily replicate the data stored within the directory.

In addition Userbooster® allows you to manage exchange mailboxes, creating home directories and setting NTFS rights accordingly. maxcrc has released this product also in a freeware edition. We welcome any feedback on the application in our support forum and encourage you to try our other products and tools to resolve many of the common obstacles that are encountered when working within a large infrastructure environment. As another innovation, the support of the application on the iPhone will be available soon.