What is RPA?
The term Robotic Process Automation (RPA) described automated processing of structured business processes using digital sequence control with so-called software robots. This type of automation of repetitive and rules based processes optimizes the implementation speed for repetitive tasks performed by people. This includes inputs into the user interface as well as dedicated algorithm processes with data manipulation. In addition to cost savings, the quality of implementation is significantly improved at the same time. In the segments Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Business Process Management (BPM), there are extensive fields of activity for this new technology.
Why maxcrc?
Businesses today are faced with great challenges due to the rapid changing of technology cycles. We support these activities with our extensive experience in software development, project management and unparalleled transparency. Our experts in the area of databases, web design, software architecture and project management ensure that the desired result meets customer requirements. Established process tools merely represent guidelines for developing the overall solution, however do not dictate the model for the method of approach.

Portfolio of services


We always follow the same approach during the development of software products, with great success. On the basis of a conscientious and detailed requirements analysis, we describe our customers’ wishes and translate them into technical processes. We have experience in business processes for various sectors of business and we are masters in modular software architectures for Windows, UNIX and Cloud environments. Our software developers are familiar with all the common programming languages. This enables us to achieve optimum technical implementation of our customers’ technical requirements. During the implementation phase, we allow customers to participate at every step of the way during the development process via our web-based simulation platform, from the beginning through to completion of the product.


In Robotic Process Automation (RPA) environments, knowledge of modelling for rule-based process controls is a prerequisite for the automation of this kind of recurring processes. Our customers can rely here on our many years’ experience in this field, as project managers and interface coordinators. The sequence controls implemented in automatic pay stations for different fields of application testify to our competence in this field of application. Please contact us to find out about possibilities for automation of your work processes.


Cloud computing refers to relocating the previously stationary hardware and software on hand to external data centres. In this context, however, it is much more important for the customer, to make a genuine redundancy in the event of hardware or software failures possible, in addition to data security. We support our customers in analysing existing applications and find answers for their challenges during transformation into Cloud architecture. During this process, we then decide which cloud variant can be used for your requirements. Please contact us.