ETISS stands for Electronic Transaction-Safe Infrastructure Software and Services. ERP software is concealed beneath the guise of this name, which also makes administration of such kind of vending units possible. Today, vending units are used for automated sales processes are used to support checkout staff in various areas of application in all walks of life. Thanks to the modular software architecture, integrating automatic pay stations into the customer’s infrastructure is implemented efficiently and at short notice. At the same time, the security criteria for POS systems are fully supported. Data export complies with the description standard recommended by the tax authorities and is certified for this purpose.

The following requirements are covered by the vending unit:

  • Sale of products, tickets, coupons, vouchers
  • Supporting payments by cash means and accepting credit and EC cards
  • Supporting RFID cards for various applications
  • Supporting different languages and currencies
  • Issuing RFID cards for visitor management
  • Use in conjunction with access controls for customer-specific access scenarios
  • Interface (API) for administration of the automatic machinery and devices by external applications
  • Data export according to the recommended standard description from by the tax authorities

The following areas of application are considered:

  • Infoterminal with printing function
  • Ticket vending machines in museums, parks, outdoor swimming pools
  • Automatic payment machines for internal payment systems (e.g. in the canteen)
  • Issuing terminal for the administration of visitor passes
  • Issuing terminal for RFID cards in connection with access controls

The machine supports interactive operation in a modern design and with innovative features such as detecting the presence of people. The high-resolution monitor with “Full HD” supports a responsive design, offers a wide range of options for user interface design of the control elements.  The lighting for the tile panel elements reacts intuitively and supports the user during operation in the respective application scenario.

The software architecture is based on using a hierarchical form of so-called state machines. The advantage of this strategy allows for very stable and reliable operation, whilst controlling the individual payment components in an automatic pay station. Transaction-secure processing of payment functions can only be ensured by this method.

Data transfer can be mapped via a local server or via the cloud variant. For optimum breakdown reliability, a network connection with a connected Internet connection is absolutely definitely required, in order to guarantee the greatest possible fail-safe characteristics by remote control maintenance.