You can download the latest version of Userbooster Light from this page. The installation is pretty straightforward. After running userbooster-light_x64.exe, you will be prompted for the installation.

On a machine with activated UAC the standard security warning dialog appears. You should click Run to follow to the Welcome screen.

Userbooster Light installation. Welcome screen

After passing the security dialog the Welcome page starts the installation assistant.

Userbooster Light installation assistant

The next screen is the End-User License Agreement for Userbooster Light, which allows you to use the software. You must accept the terms of the agreement to get to the next screen.

Userbooster Light installation. End User License Agreement

The Destination Folder is listed on the following screen.

Userbooster Light installation. Destination Folder

The last screen, Ready to install Userbooster Light, allows you to start the installation process or return back and make any changes to the settings on the previous screens.

Userbooster Light installation. Ready screen

The final page offers you to run the software automatically after finsishing the installation wizard. Please checkmark Run Userbooster to run the application immediately. The software can be also started from the desktop icon.

Userbooster Light installation. Final page