Userbooster Release Notes

Userbooster Light v4.8

Redesigned user interface layout. Search pane allows you to search particular attributes for particular a string with and without wildcards. Details pane in the Properties grid. Schema cache. Report view integrated into the Entries window. Restore Deleted Objects for Active Directory. Children of an entry in the tree can be sorted. View can be customized […]

Userbooster Light v.4.6

Export all or selected attributes When you export objects to a file, Userbooster Light on Windows now allows you to export all attributes or only those visible in the main grid, which makes it more flexible when it comes to analyzing data. Userbooster for iPhone and iPad Userbooster is now available for iOS users, those […]

Userbooster Light v.4.5

Redesigned Object Properties grid The object property grid displays all or filtered attributes for one or more objects. The content representation of an attribute is defined by the schema associated with the current profile. The read-only attributes are grayed out and you can even hide them by unchecking Show Read-Only attributes in the Attribute filter menu. A tooltip provides […]

Userbooster Light v.4.1

From now on Userbooster is fully Unicode aware. Added support for logging on to directory servers through Kerberos and Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA). In the latter case, you connect to Active Directories as a logged on user. Improved the way you can edit attributes of multiple objects. When you select several objects, their combined attributes […]

Userbooster Light v.4.0

Completely changed the way you can view and modify attributes of an object: Now regardless of which view is now active (the Tree view or List view), you work with the same objects. That means if you have modified some attributes of an object in the Treeview and then switch to the List view, you will see the very same object with […]