Userbooster Release Notes

Userbooster Light v.3.5

What’s New Added drag-and-drop support for all external file types (csv, ldif and xls). You can now grab a file with LDAP data in Windows Explorer and drag into the Import view. Now the service for managing Microsoft Exchange Post Offices on remote machines is installed through an msi package, which reduces installing and uninstalling […]

Userbooster Light

Support of a generic Web-Monitor Any kind of LDAP objects can be visualized in a grid, which supports sorting searching and some filter for the convient presentation of LDAP attributes. Extension of role based profile management for LDAP attributes The catogorized attribute feature enables a fast switching between complete different set of attributes according to the desired […]

Userbooster Version Professional/Light

A new professional and user-friendly interface implemented The complete user interface was exchanged to support the latest UI trends and let the user paricipate the most innovative up-to-date graphical user interface. Enhancement of plugin modules The support of IBM-Websphere MQ-Series now allows a direct data exchange between middleware solutions. Redesign of saving of temporary data All configuration data […]

Userbooster Version Professional

Data storage in a relational database All the LDAP objects incl. the attributes of the productive directory service are stored in a tree structure in the form of objects in a database (MS-SQL or Oracle). The elements to be synchronised are selected from the relevant structure by means of filters. Extension of the supported LDAP objectsThe […]

Userbooster 2.0

Creation of user objects in different directory services A source of different target platforms Excellent administration of user properties An independent basis for further use based on the stored results Flexible design variabler Einsatz des Werkzeuges Variable use of the tool through the efficient use of filters Documentation of all activities All activities are documented in detail in a […]