Userbooster Light v.3.5

What’s New

  • Added drag-and-drop support for all external file types (csv, ldif and xls). You can now grab a file with LDAP data in Windows Explorer and drag into the Import view.
  • Now the service for managing Microsoft Exchange Post Offices on remote machines is installed through an msi package, which reduces installing and uninstalling the service to a single mouse click.
  • Added a feature that allows you to easily execute in unattended mode all export and import operations that you can normally perform using the user interface. You save the information about what should be exported or imported in a special script and then you can run this script file either by simply clicking on it in Windows Explorer or by executing it from Windows Scheduler.
  • You can now export any supported LDAP schema directly to a csv or xls file.
  • Installation of prerequisite components was merged with the main installation so you will have to go through only a one-piece installer.
  • Added two preconfigured LDAP-Explorer profiles that out of the box allow you to browse public OpenLDAP directories of the University of Michigan.