Userbooster Light

  • Support of a generic Web-Monitor Any kind of LDAP objects can be visualized in a grid, which supports sorting searching and some filter for the convient presentation of LDAP attributes.
  • Extension of role based profile management for LDAP attributes The catogorized attribute feature enables a fast switching between complete different set of attributes according to the desired information (e.g. telephone book, login properties, etc.)
  • Support of command line parameter Now the program can automatically produce XML. XSL oder other output files without any user interface. This feature is very useful when the program wil be integrated in existing framework solutions.
  • Enhancement of support of placeholder values Additionally to the existence using attribute names as placeholder, now you can define new strings acting as placeholder.
  • Enhancement of configuration of protocol activities The protocol file can now be configured, to save only the necessary informations. This helps to increase the performance executing long term import/export operations.