Userbooster 2.0

  • Creation of user objects in different directory services A source of different target platforms
  • Excellent administration of user properties An independent basis for further use based on the stored results
  • Flexible design variabler Einsatz des Werkzeuges Variable use of the tool through the efficient use of filters
  • Documentation of all activities All activities are documented in detail in a log file
  • Import capabilities Support of the import of user objects without LDAP support (e.g. Windows-NT4)
  • Compilation of modified statistics Documentation of special attribute of a user object in a CSV file or XML file. The values of an attribute are thereby shown in a readable form. The output can if required be made direct in HTML format (e.g. last password change, object creator, last log-in, etc.).
  • Combination of LDAP activities with API functions Extension of the LDAP modifications with helpful additional functionalities. These include the creation of directories, the allocation of necessary rights within the file system, the support of DFS, the installation of mailboxes, etc.