Userbooster Version Professional

  • Data storage in a relational database All the LDAP objects incl. the attributes of the productive directory service are stored in a tree structure in the form of objects in a database (MS-SQL or Oracle). The elements to be synchronised are selected from the relevant structure by means of filters.
  • Extension of the supported LDAP objectsThe productive directory structure is saved in the form of a so-called Offline Repository
  • Support of time-controlled, periodic actions Planned changes can be prepared in the offline mode, and transferred into the productive directory service at a defined point in time. Recurring activities or defined standards are ensured and automated by means of a synchronisation mechanism.
  • Compilation of professional statistics Comparison facilities between the productive directory service and the Offline Repository enable the selective documentation of changes in selected directory structures (who modified what, and when). The display takes the form of the industry standard XML, enabling this information to be made available to other systems without additional effort.
  • Support of SSL technology The security requirement is taken into account with the support of SSL connections. This also offers the facility of establishing a communications link to the directory service via the HTTP or HTTPS protocol.
  • Web integration This offers the facility of integrating the application into existing company portals.